Don’t Knock Twice Physical Release Out Now for PlayStation 4

Originally released in September, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR horror game Don’t Knock Twice is now available at retail. The game is based upon the movie of the same name, and has players dealing with the witch Baba Yaga while searching for their daughter. It’s available at retail for $39.99.

“The horror genre includes some of the most riveting videogames out there,” said Mickey Torode, director of publishing at Perp Games. “Fear and atmosphere really suck players into the gaming experience, and VR creates another method of really captivating and involving players. We look forward to bringing more immersive VR experiences like Don’t Knock Twice to the PlayStation platform.”

For even more on the horror game, check out our Don’t Know Twice review. Here’s a snippet of what Chandler Wood had to say:

I haven’t seen the movie upon which Don’t Knock Twice is based, but I did watch a trailer. It’s funny how many elements from the trailer ended up in the game like the developer had a series of check boxes to go through. The random axe used to break of door handles and bust down walls, the sculpture room, and the bad blood between mother and daughter—among many other aspects—felt ripped right from the movie trailer and plopped into the game for no good reason other than to call them related. There’s a very loose story of some friction between mom and daughter, and there’s the creepy witch Baba Yaga whom I think kidnapped the daughter? Mom then has to complete some sort of ritual pentagram by finding objects around the house to go to Baba Yaga’s own realm and confront her.

Don’t Knock Twice might be a decent complementary companion to the handful of people who liked the movie (28% critic score, 25% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes), but there’s just far too little to enjoy, and what is here feels like low-budget copy and paste of the last half decade of horror titles if you decide to play without the PSVR headset. Virtual reality escalates the atmosphere to a much more sustainable level, but there’s nothing about Don’t Knock Twice that makes it a must play horror game, inside of virtual reality or out.

Don’t Knock Twice is available now.