Gwent Arena Mode Lets Players Draft Their Own Decks, Available Now

Earlier this month, it was revealed that a brand new mode would be coming to Gwent in which players were allowed to draft their own deck to take into an arena to fight. Now, that mode is out and available for players to try out, so jump into it, draft your best lineup, and see how well you do.

The new Arena game mode is being governed in-game by Gaunter O’Dimm, one of the characters from the Hearts of Stone expansion from The Witcher 3. According to CD Projekt, it will cost 150 ore – or $2 – to take part in an Arena run, and runs will last until players either complete nine successful contracts or die three times. Because of the entree fee, players will be guaranteed a minimum of one Keg even if they don’t complete any contracts, but better performances will lead to better rewards, with a random premium Legendary card being awarded for winning all nine battles.

The Gwent Arena won’t limit players in any way, as all available cards will be available to be drafted, so even if you don’t have the card in your collection, you’ll be able to use it. Because of that, CD Projekt stresses focusing on finding higher value cards instead of trying to form a deep strategy, although a better strategy could lead you to winning more games. With the mode out now for all to enjoy, make sure to jump in if you have the ore and try your best to earn some of those hard to get cards.

Gwent is available now.