Destiny 2 Spawning Issue Not Solved Yet, View Workarounds

There’s been a nasty Destiny 2 spawning issue in the game’s Leviathan raid, and Bungie is aware of hte issue. The developer said that while they haven’t solved the issue yet, they are “currently investigating” it. The bug causes “some members of your fireteam to not spawn back in after a wipe.”

Here’s what Raid Test Lead John Guesnier had to say about the Destiny 2 spawning issue:

Our Raid team is made up of team members from all disciplines, and when an issue can be identified and fixed by scripting (what we call a content fix), we can make that fix without pulling too many resources from what we want to share with players next. When an issue needs to be fixed by an engineer (what we call a code fix), a solution becomes much more difficult to find, as it touches all systems within Destiny 2—not just a specific activity.

The issue where players do not respawn in the “Leviathan” raid is a memory issue due to the size and complexity of the activity, and it will require a code fix. It is caused when a fireteam splits up across large distances while others remain back and swap out their gear. This has seemed to be occurring more often in recent weeks because we have updated our loot tables in order to make the “Leviathan” raid a more rewarding experience, with more incentives to return to. We are still investigating a code fix for the problem.

In the meantime, you can avoid this issue by sticking together as a team while trying out your sweet new loot. We realize that this is not an acceptable fix, but we wanted to give you info on how you can try to mitigate the issue while we work on it. If you do happen to hit this issue even following those steps, then reequipping the armor set you had when you spawned into the activity may return your Guardian to action.

Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Bungie]