God Wars The Complete Legend release date Japan

God Wars: The Complete Legend’s First Trailer Reveals the Japanese Release Date

Kadokawa Games has published the first trailer of God Wars: The Complete Legend (also known as Japanese Mythology War in the Japanese release). As you can see in the trailer’s thumbnail above, this game will be released in Japan on June 14, 2018.

God Wars: The Complete Legend will be the definitive edition of God Wars: Future Past which adds more new content while including every DLC on-disc. Two additional stories Future of Hyuga and A New Enemy, as well as a major DLC expansion Labyrinth of Yomi which makes many improvements to the gameplay system and adds Momotaro and his three companions the Dog, Monkey, and Pheasant as playable characters, are all included here. The Complete Legend will even add an exclusively new story scenario featuring a brand-new character, the shrine maiden Orihime.

Although Kadokawa Games is going to release God Wars: The Complete Legend in Japan on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch, NIS America has so far announced that they will only localize The Complete Legend, which will be out this Fall, to the Switch. While other content including Labyrinth of Yomi is available as DLC for God Wars: Future Past, this makes the future uncertain to Western Future Past owners on whether they will receive the brand-new content added in The Complete Legend or not.

[Source: Kadokawa Games]