Sony Interactive Entertainment Going Through ‘Organizational Transformation’ in April

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced today that it will be changing its organizational structure in an effort to reinforce its business and operational strength. The change in structure will take place on April 1, 2018 and involve the sales and marketing divisions that already exist within SIE America, SIE Europe, and SIE Japan Asia all reporting directly to Jim Ryan, Deputy President and Head of Global Sales and Marketing for SIE.

By having all sales and marketing divisions report to Ryan, the hope is that it will improve coordination between all of the organizations and help the company continue to evolve in its business environment. Along with Ryan, John Korea – President and CEO of SIE – will also assume the role of executive in charge of regions, with Kodera heading up the Americas and Japan Asia, and Ryan taking Europe.

SIE also announced that starting on April 1, Shawn Layden – the current Chairman of Worldwide Studios and SIEA President – will concentrate his focus on Worldwide Studios continuing to provide better content that helps drive the growth of both companies. Finally, Phil Rosenberg has been appointed the Head of Global Publisher and Developer Relations as of January 2018, and Hideaki Nishino will assume the role of Head of Platform Planning and Management starting April 1, 2018.

While some of these changes might have some people scratching their head, the bottom line seems to be that Sony is aiming to streamline their communication between divisions. With that in mind, the hope for the company is to get better coordination between branches and see more growth as an overall company. For now, we’ll have to wait and see on what changes, if any, this brings for consumers.