NIS Announces American Store Hacked, Customers Information Compromised

Earlier this week, Nippon Ichi Software announced that a data breach in the American arm of the company has resulted in compromised customer information. In an email sent out to users this week, the company says the breach occurred sometime between January 23 and February 26 on online stores owned by NIS America (via

According to the company, customer information – including addresses and payment details – were taken directly from orders placed using a credit card. Thankfully, orders placed using PayPal seem to be have been unaffected by this breach. Per the email sent out (found on the ResetEra forums), customers using the storefront were redirected to a third party page during the transaction, which would in turn skim their data before returning them to the NISA page.

In the letter, NISA acknowledged the frustration many customers likely felt. “We know that this issue and the steps needed to resolve it can be frustrating. We share these feelings, and we pledge to do our best to get this issue resolved, and prevent it from happening again.” said the company. “At this time, we can say that we have identified the issue, removed it from our website, and taken steps to prevent this issue from recurring, as well as added new security to our online stores.”

NIS announced in the email that their online stores have reopened, and that they would not have done so if they didn’t “feel confident” that all issues have been solved. To those impacted by the issue, NIS has promised to send out a $5.00 discount code for their next purchase. “We understand that this is a small token, but we hope it will show our commitment and appreciation of our customers as we begin to regain your trust.”

We’ll make sure to have more information should more details come to light.