Polyarc’s Moss Has a Secret Photo Mode, Here’s How to Enable It and Use PSVR as a Camera

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it more after that. Photo mode is hands-down one of the best innovations to come out of this generation of gaming consoles. If a game has a photo mode, you can be certain I’ll take twice as long to finish it because so much time will be spent freezing characters and environments to grab that perfect shot.

If you’ve played PSVR’s Moss, you know it has some incredible environments, adorable characters, and like it would be a perfect fit for photo mode. Chad Taylor, a developer with Polyarc, revealed on Twitter that Moss actually has a secret photo mode. By simply pausing the game and clicking the R3 button, the menu will disappear, allowing you to look around a world frozen in place.

Of course, it’s not a traditional photo mode with different effects and camera settings, but Polyarc at least put the ability to interact with the frozen diorama free of menus and other distractions. You can quite literally use your head as the camera lens to lean in to any scene and get the perfect screenshot as you accompany Quill on her journey. Using the Share button will capture those screenshots, and photo post-processing can be applied in ShareFactory, right on the PS4.

The secret Moss photo mode is just another great feature of an already incredible game. In our review, we called it “one of the most memorable and immersive VR adventures” we’d ever been on, and praised the bond formed between the player and Quill. It’s a must-play PSVR game that highlights precisely the kinds of special things VR can do. The ability for the aspiring video game photographer to document that journey just enhances it further.