Floyd Mayweather Is Making His Own Video Game

Boxing fans haven’t had many video games to turn to and play in recent years, but according to Floyd Mayweather, he’s looking to change that. At his recent 41st birthday party, Mayweather told TMZ Sports that not only is he planning on bringing his TBE (The Best Ever) brand to video game consoles, he’s also planning on having ownership in it to make sure things go right. You can check out the brief clip below.

When asked when Mayweather would be making his own version of “Punch-Out,” the boxer revealed that he was working on his own game now, and also explained that the lack of ownership opportunities on his end is what prevented him from being in other boxing games like Fight Night. Of course, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Mayweather means when he says he’s making his own game; for all we know, it could end up being a simple phone game with no connection to consoles. However, the fact that he specifically mentions other franchises like Fight Night is enough to get boxing fans around the world excited over the prospect of being able to experience the sport in a game once again.

While no other information is available at the time, we’ll be sure to keep you updated once more details come to light. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you’d like to see a Floyd Mayweather boxing game, or if you’d rather another company tackled the sport in a game.

[Souce: TMZ Sports]