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Bandai Namco Announces Record of Grancrest War Game For PlayStation 4

Bandai Namco has today revealed that they are going to release a Record of Grancrest War video game for PlayStation 4, and they have also uploaded its first promotional trailer at their official Japanese YouTube channel, which you can watch above.

Record of Grancrest War game for PS4

Record of Grancrest War originated as a currently-ongoing light novel, tabletop RPG board game, and TV anime show created by Ryo Mizuno. And if you’re guessing from the title, then yes, the classic Record of Lodoss War series was also created by the same person, although the two are not actually related directly. Grancrest takes place in an entirely different fantasy world and follows the story of Theo Cornaro and Siluca Meletes as they gather allies to protect their world from demons coming from the Chaos dimension.

As you can see in the trailer, the Record of Grancrest War game will be a Strategy RPG, as it has a battle system where the player will be able to give separate directions to each character before all of them move together at the same time.

Record of Grancrest War game has Lodoss characters

We mentioned that Record of Grancrest War is written by the same author of Record of Lodoss War, and Bandai Namco spent no time in making use of this relation. Purchasing an early release copy of Record of Grancrest War will come with a bonus serial code that unlocks Parn and Deedlit, the hero and heroine of Lodoss, as extra playable characters.

Bandai Namco’s Record of Grancrest War game will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Japan on June 14.

[Source: Bandai Namco]