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Paranoia Video Game Adaptation Announced, Make Sure to Obey

Cyanide and Black Shamrock announced today that they’re working on a digital version of the popular pen and paper game Paranoia. Players live out life in Alpha Complex, the last human city. In it, they’re told to follow the commands of The Computer, but doing so will sometimes result in danger. If players disobey, they’re “likely to result in termination, or possibly long-term commitment to a Re-Education Gulag and Spa.”

No screenshots have been released yet, but some fun Paranoia video game artwork was. Check it out below:

Here’s even more on the Paranoia video game from publisher Cyanide:

In Paranoia, you’ll play as the leader of a Red Clearance Troubleshooter team. As a Troubleshooter, your job is to find trouble. And shoot it. Though Alpha Complex is a paradise, it is unfortunately beset by all kinds of enemies. Terrorists. Mutants. Members of secret societies. Even – shocking though it may be to say – even Troubleshooters who somehow doubt The Computer’s benevolent wisdom, and the evident truth that Alpha Complex is a paradise.

Lies, double-cross and backstabbing will be your best allies for survival in Alpha Complex, as betrayal is a constant threat. Sometimes your team mates, and even yourself, are more of a threat to your survival than the ostensible mission baddies.

On top of that, the Computer is always watching your actions, judging you, and rewarding you fairly… or not. But should you be defeated or terminated (incinerated is more accurate), you have five replacement clones in reserve to try again! Not always faithful copies of the original… but that’s another problem.

The Paranoia video game adaptation is currently in development.