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Friday the 13th: The Game Co-Creator Reveals Cancelled Content Including Among Us Style Game Mode

Friday the 13th: The Game met an unfortunate end when years of legal battles between Gun Media and franchise screenwriter, Victor Miller, didn’t end in the studio’s favor. Now that “enough” time has passed, co-creator Wes Keltner has decided to share the game’s scrapped content, which includes a new mode similar to Among Us.

The game mode, which was called Paranoia, had players spawning as counselors with no Jason. They would have been tasked with finding the Part 5 mask.

“We discussed forcing the player to have to ‘hide’ to change back and forth,” Keltner wrote. “Perhaps the armoire/closet thing. The player could be killed if in counselor mode. If killed they drop the mask on the ground for the next counselor to pick up and become Part 5. We were building new escapes for this game mode that required 2+ counselors to escape. Like holding open a gate, etc. It had moments of fun, but needed more work.”

Other scrapped content included a Slumber Party clothing pack and a Prom pack that transformed Crystal Lake into prom night.

“I wanted you all to know that we loved this franchise and this game,” Keltner added while revealing that he still feels angry about the untimely end. “We had big ideas for it. Ideas that we thought ya’ll would think were fun, engaging, and rewarding. We wish it would have worked out differently.”

You can check out Keltner’s lengthy TwitLonger post for more details about the aforementioned content.

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