Playdead Teases Next Title With Concept Art From the Limbo and Inside Developer

Beloved indie developer Playdead, creators of Limbo and Inside, have teased what could quite possibly be their next game with a piece of concept art in a tweet. Promoting their GDC booth for interested candidates, they included an image that doesn’t appear to have any connection to their previous games. The resulting conclusion is that this is our first look at Playdead’s next game.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the concept art is the fact that it appears to be from a behind-the-back perspective, instead of Playdead’s traditional side-scrolling adventures that we’ve seen before. Of course, it’s impossible to truly make that assessment based on a single piece of concept art, but something about an image that opens up for a dark confined space into a broader bright world seems to sell the idea that Playdead might be switching things up in their next game.

Inside was a pretty big leap from Limbo, so it makes sense that their next game might make another jump forward to yet another unique style, perhaps both visually and mechanically. What’s certain is that they’ll learn their previous releases, and this concept art provides a window into the maddening ideas that are likely being poured into their next game as we speak.

We loved Inside, a bizarre game with a deep message to dissect, and we hope that Playdead’s next game will have themes equally as deep and mesmerizing. We’re sure that even this single image holds a number of secrets for the next Playdead game, so feel free to start speculating as to what it might mean.

Inside is getting a special edition, in partnership with iam8bit and Real Doll. For now, nobody knows what’s in the box, but the theories are pretty wild, particularly if you know what Real Doll is (don’t Google it at work).