Iam8bit Announces INSIDE Collector’s Edition, Preorders Start This Week

It’s been some time since the indie classic INSIDE released, but the game has managed to continue to stick with fans due to its unique story and haunting gameplay. Today, iam8bit announced its own unique item centered on the game, when they revealed that they would be partnering with Playdead and Real Doll (a love doll brand) the INSIDE Collector’s Edition.

Much like the game its inspired by, the INSIDE Collector’s Edition is seemingly a mystery. All that the company has revealed so far is the hefty price tag ($375) on the item and the fact that it will include a game disc for the PlayStation 4 version of INSIDE, and Steam codes for INSIDE and Limbo. As for the rest? Iam8bit has teased that it will include “other stuff” and that the item will ship “when it’s done,” so your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what might be included.

The Collector’s Edition is available for preorder starting on March 8, and is a timed release lasting until June 8, after which preorders will cease forever. Contents won’t be revealed until the Collector’s Edition ships, but with a price tag as big as $375, it’ll be very interesting to see what’s inside (no pun intended).

For more on the mysterious Collector’s Edition, check out some of the mysterious language behind it below:

iam8bit Playdead x Real Doll are collaborating on a mysterious collector’s edition for INSIDE. We will NOT tell you what it is. Maybe it’s what you’re thinking… maybe not. We can confirm that there are several items included, one of which is a PlayStation 4 game disc. The rest is up for speculation.

  • Limited Timed Release

  • Definitely Includes: INSIDE PS4 game disc (Region Free – Worldwide Compatibility)

  • Also Includes: INSIDE and LIMBO Steam Codes (emailed after purchase)

  • Also Includes: Other Stuff

Will you be preordering the INSIDE Collector’s Edition? Let us know in the comments.