PSA: Don’t Miss Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Expansion For 60% Off, 70% for PS Plus Members

Bloodborne is available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers this month, and if you want to take that experience a little bit further, you’ll want to grab The Old Hunters expansion for cheap this week. Normally listed on the PSN at $19.99, it’s on sale for $7.99, or $5.99 for PS Plus subscribers. That’s an impressive 70% off of a great piece of DLC for a game that’s free to most people right now anyway.

We reviewed Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, calling it a compulsory purchase for owners of the game. Now that everyone with PS Plus has the game, the next step is to jump on the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters sale for a compulsory purchase at a fraction of the price.

The Old Hunters improves upon the original Bloodborne in such a way that it makes a purchase compulsory for current owners of the game, and comes highly recommended for RPG fans who have yet to try it out. If you’re afraid that the game is going to be too hard, the addition of summonable NPCs really makes every battle a lot easier (provided that you have the Insight points). Combine this with some seriously powerful new weapons, and the beasts of Yharnam new and old will come to fear you in no time.

It’s such a shame that this is the only expansion that is going to hit Bloodborne. With a great attention to detail, and meaningful changes to single player, we can only wonder what other sort of innovative ideas From Software had in store for us before their plans changed. Still, The Old Hunters enables Bloodborne to go out with a bang, and a challenging one at that.

Buying The Old Hunters ensures you get the complete Bloodborne experience. If you didn’t support FromSoftware by buying the game before its addition to the Instant Game Collection, maybe you can kick them a little bit of money by picking up a great expansion to one of the PS4’s best games. Are you excited for the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters sale? If you’ve played The Old Hunters, would you recommend it to others that haven’t picked it up yet? Let us know in the comments below!