attack on titan 2 bonus

Get an Attack on Titan 2 Bonus With a Save From the First Game

If you played the first Attack on Titan, you’ll get a bit of a boost when you start up the second game. When loading up a new game, it will check for a save from the first game. If it detects one, you’ll get 50,000 regiment funds to start off as an Attack on Titan 2 bonus. 50,000 isn’t much in the grand scheme of things (for reference, I had more than 200,000 saved up by the end of the main campaign), but it does give loyal players a bit of a leg-up as they start the sequel. You’ll want to start hoarding materials early if you want actually make use of those funds though.

Where we really enjoyed the first game, we found Attack on Titan 2 to be even better, even if it does retread the same narrative ground as before.

Everything considered, Attack on Titan 2 is an improvement on the first game in every way, but retreading old ground makes it hard to justify the “2” tacked on to the end. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who missed the first game to get a far more comprehensive Attack on Titan experience, and there’s definitely more content and improvements for those who did play it. I worry that its billing as a sequel may put off potential players, but you don’t need to have any knowledge of the first game to get into Attack on Titan 2. It thoroughly covers the narrative line from the beginning from a slightly different perspective, and it’s clear the development team took feedback from the first game very seriously. Whether you loved the first game and wanted more out of it, or are just getting curious about the series, Attack on Titan 2 is worthy of your attention. I just hope we don’t have to play through the entire story again in number three.

Will you be getting the Attack on Titan 2 bonus with the first game’s save? Attack on Titan 2 releases for PS4 on March 20.