These Fate/Extella Link DLC Costumes are Exclusive to Select Stores in Japan

Marvelous has just uploaded a new trailer for Fate/Extella Link which introduces six exclusive DLC costumes. These are exclusive because they are only available by pre-ordering or purchasing the game through select store chains in Japan.

You can check out the list of the Japanese store-exclusive costumes introduced right below:

  • Altera – Jogging Beauty (
  • Tamamo no Mae – Welcome Home Coverall Apron (Game TSUTAYA & Imajin Web Shop)
  • Artoria Pendragon – Knight’s Track Suit (GEO)
  • Astolfo – Uniform Coordinate (Joshin Denki / Joshin Net Shopping)
  • Jeanne d’Arc – Holy Woman of the Library (Rakuten Books)
  • Nero Claudius – Winter Rome (Loppi / Lawson Ticket HMV)

It has been a common practice in many Japanese video games where several store chains gain the privilege to offer exclusive DLC like this. In some cases, the game’s publisher may opt to sell them publicly at PlayStation Store at a later date, but in some other cases, they may not.

In Fate/Extella Link‘s case, we found the second-to-last fine print at the game’s official product webpage which reads “There are no future distributions of the store-exclusive character costumes.” We wonder what will happen to these costumes if this game gets localized to the West in the future.

Fate/Extella Link will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on June 7.

[Source: Marvelous]