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fate extella link release date

Here’s When You Can Play Fate/Extella Link in English

It’s like the Anthem spreadsheet but with more anime.

Fate Extella Link Special Editions

Fate/Extella Link Will Have Two Decked Out Special Editions in Europe

Mahjong tiles included.

fate extella link special edition

Fate/Extella Link Comes Together With Standard and Special Editions

Xseed is all about those extra goodies.

fate extella link limited edition

Flash Sale Alert: Japanese Fate/Extella Link Limited Edition

We know you’re hoarding Fate merch. May as well add more to the pile.

dark souls remastered sales

Japanese Sales Chart: Dark Souls Remastered Continues to Sell Well

It helps to have a strong fanbase.

Fate Extella Link action trailer

Fate/Extella Link’s New Action System Explained With This New Short Trailer

It feels much more like Dynasty Warriors now!

Fate Extella Link multiplayer gameplay trailer

Watch 15 Minutes of Fate/Extella Link Multiplayer Gameplay in This New Trailer

Exclusive to the PS4 version.

Fate Extella Link launch live stream - Gawain

Fate/Extella Link Japanese Launch Live Stream Will be Held on June 6

It’s coming out in Japan the day after.

Fate Extella Link Gilles de Rais gameplay

Watch the Fate/Extella Link Gameplay Trailers of Gilles de Rais and Lancelot

Summoning monsters and modern armaments.

Fate Extella Link Darius III gameplay

Watch the Official Fate/Extella Link Gameplay Videos of Darius III and Arjuna

Destruction everywhere.

Fate Extella Link Robin Hood gameplay

New Batch of Fate/Extella Link Gameplay Trailers Starring Robin Hood and Francis Drake

Fire, fire, fire!!

Fate Extella Link Scathach gameplay

Marvelous Published Fate/Extella Link Gameplay Trailers of Scathach and Astolfo

Beautiful and deadly at the same time.

Fate Extella Link Charlemagne gameplay

Marvelous Has Published the Official Fate/Extella Link Gameplay Trailer of Saber Charlemagne

Witness his Noble Phantasm, Joyeuse Ordre!

Fate Extella Link trailer 2nd

Experience 10 New Servants As Fate/EXTELLA Link Gets A Western Release

Players can now experience the headache inducing twists and turns of the Fate series, complete with an extra long title!

Fate Extella Link trailer 2nd

Marvelous Published the Second Promotion Trailer for Fate/Extella Link

When Fate meets Dynasty Warriors.

Fate Extella Link opening movie

Marvelous Has Published the Fate Extella Link Opening Movie

So many dream matches.

Fate Extella Link Karl der Grosse

The Last New Playable Servant in Fate/Extella Link is Ruler Karl der Gro├če

The manly version of Charlemagne!

Fate Extella Link Lancelot

Fate/Extella Link Adds Berserker Lancelot and Caster Gilles de Rais from Fate/Zero

It’s going to be a tough day for Artoria.

Fate Extella Link Alteraria costume

See the Fate/Extella Link Alteraria Costume in Action With This New Trailer

Excalibur in Hunnic style.

Fate Extella Link Arjuna

Fate/Extella Link Adds Archer Arjuna and Berserker Darius III to the Playable Roster

Both of them are coming from Fate/Grand Order.