Marvelous Published Fate/Extella Link Gameplay Trailers of Scathach and Astolfo

Following last week’s Charlemagne gameplay trailer, Marvelous continues to release more Fate/Extella Link character gameplay trailers. Today we have two more trailers of new Servant characters that just joined the roster of this Dynasty Warriors-styled Fate action game.

First up, we have Scathach, the sexy and popular teacher of Cu Chulainn who made her debut in the famous mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order. Being a Lancer-class Servant, she mainly fights using her Gae Bolg Alternative spear. In this trailer, we can also see her Noble Phantasm attack Gate of Skye: Gate to the Magical Realm Brimming with Death where she summons a gate that sucks all enemies to the Land of Shadows.

And at the same time, Marvelous has also published Astolfo‘s gameplay trailer. Don’t let the pretty looks and voice fool you, as this member of Charlemagne’s Twelve Paladins is confirmed as a male. Also known as the Rider of Black who appeared in Fate/Apocrypha, Astolfo can summon a Hippogriff which will aid him in his move set, including his Noble Phantasm attack.

Expect the remaining seven new playable Servants to also have their own gameplay trailers in the coming weeks, as Fate/Extella Link will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita first in Japan on June 7. A Western release has also been announced, which will follow later this Winter.

[Source: Marvelous]