Fate Extella Link multiplayer gameplay trailer

Watch 15 Minutes of Fate/Extella Link Multiplayer Gameplay in This New Trailer

Dengeki has published a lengthy Fate/Extella Link trailer that thoroughly shows the game’s 8-player online multiplayer mode, which is exclusively available on the PlayStation 4 version. In this 15-minute long trailer, the first 4 minutes are used to explain the multiplayer team battle system, and the rest shows two rounds of Dengeki’s staff team trying to duke it out against Marvelous’ staff team in the online team battle mode.

The multiplayer team battle mode in Fate/Extella Link will put players in two groups of four. The main objective of this mode is to gain more points for your team by occupying a designated area that rotates as time passes on while defeating enemy players and making sure they do not obstruct the area.

There is an exclusive feature in this online mode, which is the Class Tower system. These towers will appear somewhere on the map, and they have a class that will only allow Servants with the corresponding class to attack and occupy them. For example, a Saber Class Tower can only be conquered by Saber-class Servants like Artoria Pendragon, Nero Claudius, or Charlemagne. A conquered Class Tower will give buffs to the owning team, but anyone in the opposing team will then be able to destroy it afterward.

Fate/Extella Link will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita first in Japan on June 7, which is a week after this article. Don’t forget to check out the Japanese launch live stream which will be held the day before. Meanwhile, the English localization will be released later in the West this Winter.

[Source: Dengeki]