Another Open Beta for TERA Announced for Past Players

Last week, En Masse Entertainment held an open beta for TERA, and thanks to how well it was received, the developers are doing it all over again this weekend. According to the company, a brand new open beta will be held starting today and running through tomorrow at 9:00 PM PST. The beta will once again be open to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, but will only be available to those who played the beta last weekend.

According to the developers, the ongoing open beta also features some improved changes this time around, including a raised level cap which will offer access to new areas. Once again, however, players can only participate in the beta if they did last week as well, as the beta client will not be available to download for new players. So, if you had a good time last week, jump in once again.

For more information on the upcoming TERA, check out some of the features of the game below:

TERA brings true action combat into a high fantasy MMORPG setting. Players explore a vast world where their combat skills are put to the test against deadly Big Ass Monsters (BAMs). They’ll need to actively dodge out of the way of incoming attacks, study enemy attack patterns, and execute precise skill combos to take them down!

  • Lock-On System: An all-new Lock-On System keeps the enemies in sight and the action centered on-screen.
  • Classy Controls: Each character class has its own unique default control scheme. Don’t like the default control layout for your class? No problem! The controls can be completely remapped to tailor any type of preferred layout.
  • Combat Effective UI: The game’s user interface has also been redesigned with a new, fully-customizable Radial Menu for quick and intuitive access weapons and items.
  • Streaming Features: Players can easily broadcast TERA instantly to the community via Twitch, and Mixer with integrated streaming support.
  • Communication is Key: Players can communicate directly with fellow party members via native voice chat support or they can opt out of chat if they prefer at any time.

TERA is slated for a Spring 2018 release.