The Legendary Visual Novel Clannad is Coming to PlayStation 4 in Japan

Clannad can be considered as one of the best visual novels ever made. Since the original release in 2004 for PC, its story has touched so many people. This visual novel from Key had also been ported to the PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, and even Xbox 360. It also even has an official English version published by Sekai Project on Steam. And now, it will be finally coming to a current-gen console as well.

Ryokutya, a Japanese blog known for its early news on Japanese games, has reported that Clannad will be coming to PlayStation 4 on June 14. It will also support Full HD resolution and 5.1 channel sound system. You can also read the story synopsis of Clannad right below:

After the death of his mother, Tomoya Okazaki—a guarded delinquent student at Hikarizaka High School—struggles to not only make sense of the abusive relationship he has with his alcoholic father, but also find meaning in his life. While on his way to class one morning, he meets a mystifying girl named Nagisa. She is a delinquent like him, but only because she is repeating her senior year, unlike the perpetually tardy Okazaki. From their brief encounter, Nagisa decides they should be friends, and enlists Tomoya’s help to revive the school drama club. Not being busy in any way, he decides to join in. Along the way, the two make friends with many other students and try to find both solace and belonging in their endeavors.

The PlayStation 4 version of Clannad is only confirmed in Japan so far; we do not know yet if it will also have an English language support or not.

[Source: Ryokutya]