The Dreams PS4 Demo at GDC Got Some Great Reactions

Media Molecule was showing off a new Dreams PS4 demo build at GDC 2018. The feedback was very positive, and they got some incredible reactions from those that tried out the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. They just posted a clip of some of the game’s in-depth audio tools, and the reaction they got from players was pretty priceless.

Check out the hilarious Dreams PS4 demo response below:

For more on the game, check out our Dreams preview. Here’s what Chandler Wood had to say:

Back during Paris Games Week, Media Molecule and Sony confirmed that Dreams would have compatibility with PlayStation VR. You may have missed that particular announcement. I know that I did. Upon learning the news at PSX, my mind began racing madly with the possibilities. One more level of immersion and depth. One more tool to use. One more step towards complete creative freedom. Whether used during creation or program execution, Dreams alone would be reason enough to buy a PlayStation VR, even if nothing else ever came out for it. I didn’t get to see the VR Dreams in action, but I was assured that they are exploring a broad range of possibilities with the headset.

I didn’t want to leave. I had so much else to see at PlayStation Experience, but I could have spent the entire two days mesmerized by Dreams. In fact, given enough time and creative energy, everything at PlayStation Experience could probably be largely recreated using Dreams, and that’s hardly an exaggeration. Did I mention that creations can be exported? I probably should mention that point. They had a few 3D printed models of creations made in Dreams. I was holding a physical statue, something sculpted on the PS4. I was in awe, truly joyous at everything I had just seen.

Dreams PS4 will release in 2018.