neverwinter lost city of omu

Neverwinter: Lost City of Omu Expansion Coming to Consoles Next Month

Arc Games has announced that Neverwinter‘s latest expansion, Lost City of Omu, will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 24. The content is currently available on PC, a trailer for which you can check out above.

An official overview provided by Arc is as follows:

In this new update, players will continue the storyline started in Tomb of Annihilation, where adventures must face off against the wicked lich, Acererak.

The Jungles of Chult campaign has been extended to bring players into the Lost City of Omu. A once prosperous and powerful society now a mere memory amongst the ruins. The nine Trickster Gods were worshipped heavily in this region and their shrines, hidden within the undercity, may still hold a bit of the power the gods once bestowed upon their worshippers. Dinosaurs will be a familiar sight from the time exploring the Soshenstar River Basin, along with Lizardfolk, Thayans, and powerful Gorillas. Another primal adventure awaits!

Explore a new zone filled with crumbling temple ruins and a labyrinth of underground tunnels, hunt new monsters, uncover treasures, and face the undead Tyrant T.Rex. This update also brings a new campaign, storyline updates, and the new endgame trial.

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