neverwinter swords of chult

Neverwinter: Swords of Chult Coming to Consoles in January, Overhauls PvP System

Arc Games has announced that it’ll be releasing Neverwinter: Swords of Chult for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 9. The update, which is already out on PC, brings a new endgame Skirmish and overhauls the PvP system.

In a blog post, the studio wrote:

The Dangers found within the jungles of Chult now threaten the walled city of Port Nyanzaru in the all-new endgame Skirmish “The Merchant Prince’s Folly”. Players must rally to eliminate ferocious dinosaurs, yuan-ti, the undead, and bands of Batiri goblin!

Changes to stats, PvP gearing, and more bring an updated experience to Neverwinter PvP. Additional focus on the refinement system, dungeon queuing and campaign progression for alts offer something for both seasoned and new adventurers in Neverwinter!

Speaking of PvP overhaul, Arc Games previously said:

We have known for a long while that PvP needed love and have made some huge first steps to leveling the killing fields, with a tenacity rework, PvP item scaling, a clean-up pass on diminishing returns, making solo PvP queues a permanent feature (yay!) and of course some sweet new armor and gear. Just ask my second cousin from my mother’s side, Kyrian Foss, over in the Trade of Blades.   

You can find more details on Arc Games’ website.