tempest 4000 trophies

Tempest 4000 Out This Week, View the Trophy List

Tempest 4000 finally has a release date. The latest title from Jeff Minter and Llamasoft will release on March 28, 2018. In addition to the newly cemented date, the trophy list is also available for the arcade title. Players will be able to earn a Platinum trophy (which has a llama icon), and unlock a bunch of trophies that feature bull puns as their titles.

Check out the full list of Tempest 4000 trophies below:


  • Ultra Atarian

    Get all the trophies


  • UnBULLievaBULL

    Get to level 25 in Pure Mode without jumping
  • Completed

    Finish all game levels
  • Long march

    Reach level 51 in Pure mode
  • Ultra Survival

    Reach level 51 in Survival mode
  • UnstoppaBULL

    Survive to level 25 in Pure Mode with no loss of life
  • Pure skill

    Complete level 1-33 without dying
  • RespectaBULL

    Survive to level 17 in Pure Mode without loss of life


  • CapaBULL

    Survive to level 9 in Pure Mode without loss of life
  • IndomitaBULL

    Get to level 17 in Pure Mode without jumping.
  • LoveaBULL

    Get 5 or more hearts during warpout
  • Completed Rings Bonus

    Finish one Rings Bonus round
  • Completed Path Bonus

    Finish one Path Bonus round
  • Risky rescue

    Get rescued by AI droid at distance
  • Max lives

    Max out lives counter
  • Halfway there

    Reach level 51
  • Both Worlds

    Enter both Bonus Round types in one game.


  • Divinity

    Get the ANGEL bonus powerup
  • DouBULL TrouBULL

    You and the AI Droid both get 25 or more kills on a level
  • Where’s me jumper

    Get to level 9 in Pure Mode without jumping.
  • A good start

    Get to level 16

Tempest 4000 is set to release March 28, 2018.

[Source: PSN Profiles]