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Uncharted, Persona 5, or Silent Hill? Third Editions Opens Voting For Final Stretch Goal Book

Nearing the conclusion of their second Kickstarter to translate specialty gaming history books to English, French publisher Third Editions has opened voting for which additional book backers want to see get a translation. Currently at 107K €, the campaign has less than three days to reach 140K € for this stretch goal, but Third Editions wants backers to know what they are fighting for.

The campaign was fully funded relatively early on, with multiple stretch goals announced. Last week, backers unlocked The Work of Taro Yoko: From Drakengard to NieR: Automata as a fourth book to be translated alongside books about BloodborneZelda, and Final Fantasy VIII. The final stretch goal for the campaign would add a fifth book based on a poll by backers.

You can throw your voice into the poll even if you’re not a backer, but backers can get an extra vote by commenting on the update on the campaign page. Currently leading the pack are Silent Hill, Persona 5, and Final Fantasy IX, but there are ten books to choose from and the voting is close. Here is the full list of books available to vote on:

  • Castlevania
  • Final Fantasy I – II – III
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Half-Life
  • Pokémon
  • Resident Evil
  • Uncharted
  • Silent Hill
  • Persona 5
  • Skyrim

Voting will close on April 4 at 5 PM London Time, which is noon Eastern / 9 AM Pacific, so there’s not much time left.

If you don’t see the book you want above, it might be because Third Editions has already translated it or is in the process of translating it. Their first campaign brought English translations of books about Dark Souls, BioShock, Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy VII, which are all available at Third Editions’ English website. They are also already working on translating books centering on Final Fantasy VI, Dragon Quest, Fallout, and Fumito Ueda games, so those will eventually be available.

Third Editions’ goal is to eventually bring their entire library to English speaking audiences around the world, and the Kickstarter campaign is helping them to accomplish that just a little bit faster.

Which book do you want to see Third Editions add as the final stretch goal? Have you backed the campaign yet? You can check out the full details and back the project over on the Kickstarter campaign page.