Strive to Survive: Impact Winter Hits PlayStation 4 Today

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and Mojo Bones have just released their post-apocalyptic survival game, Impact Winter, today (April 5) on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Impact Winter, which was originally released on PC back in 2017, is now available for download via the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Store. PS4 players are also treated to a free Dynamic Theme to complement their console, which is certainly a nice touch.

“Since the release of the PC version, we have genuinely appreciated your feedback and sought to make the game an increasingly better and tighter experience. And so it is without further ado that after this long road of blood, snow and tears, we can finally announce that Impact Winter will be coming to you digitally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this April 5th!” stated Mojo Bones co-founder Mark Norman on the company blog.

Here’s a juicy Impact Winter trailer:

The game follows the story of Jacob Solomon, leader of a small team struggling to survive the aftermath of an asteroid collision. Accompanied by four other survivors and his trusty robot, Ako-Light, the player must try to survive the never-ending winter and devastating environment until help arrives.

The setting largely takes place in an abandoned church where players do everything in their power to keep the team alive. Thankfully, your robot companion can efficiently explore unreachable areas, find essential supplies, carry heavy equipment, track the player’s location, and more.

Mojo Bones aims to revitalize the survival genre with this one, and it shows. The team ensured that the freezing temperatures and item scarcity played an important role as a means of keeping players constantly thinking on their feet.

Will you survive the cold, harsh environment this April 5th? Be sure to grab your copy of Impact Winter today.

[Via: Bandai Namco]