WWE Superstar The Big Show Teases Destiny 2’s Next Expansion

A cryptic tweet from WWE superstar Paul Wight, a/k/a The Big Show, teases the wrestler’s involvement in Destiny 2’s as yet untitled second expansion. The Big Show Destiny 2 tease came via this message and picture:

How do we know he’s referring to Expansion 2? For one, the timing makes it really tough to be anything else. Bungie is expected to reveal the next DLC soon, as it’s set to launch in May. We doubt he’d be teasing being a Destiny 2 partner right now if he wasn’t going to be part of the game until the fall expansion later this year.

Second, Wight is pointing to his shirt, which sports a Warmind logo. Destiny fans know that Expansion 2 will center on the Warminds in some way. Warminds are hyper-complex AI systems that were originally intended to strategically defend humanity during the Golden Age. The logo for the DLC has been shown to be that exact same Warmind symbol before. Without any real obvious involvement in the Destiny 2 story up to this point, we’re expecting the story to center on Rasputin and/or Charlemagne, two warminds that seemingly survived the collapse.

The Big Show Destiny 2 tease has the man pointing at himself and his shirt, so the prevailing theory is that he’ll be the voice of the Warmind. Rasputin did speak in Destiny 1, but it was all in Russian and amounted to little more than system messages, not any kind of actual AI conversation. If a Warmind is taking center stage in the next expansion, it would make sense for Bungie to give them more of a conversational personality to interact with the player. Of course, there’s every possibility he’s just one of a bunch of new characters that are expected to make an entrance in the next DLC, but we’d like to think that The Big Show will take center stage, no matter which role he plays.

There’s also every possibility that he’s not actually playing a role and Activision is simply using him as hype-marketing. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve pulled a similar move. Call of Duty has often been revealed by celebrities wearing logos on clothing prior to an actual announcement. His involvement is backed by numerous Bungie employees getting in on the conversation too. It looks like this tease is the real deal, and we should get ready for a big show.

Yesterday, Bungie announced that they are holding a Destiny Community Summit to let community leaders help them reshape their game. This is in an effort to be more transparent and create a game that the players want to play. The Division held a similar gathering after launch to redirect and make that game a better experience, so it seems like Bungie is taking player feedback seriously.

With The Big Show’s Destiny 2 tease, we expect that an Expansion 2 announcement and trailer will be coming rather soon, along with word on exactly how Wight is involved with the DLC.