system shock remake update

Nightdive Says Its System Shock Remake Has Returned to the Studio’s Original Vision

Following the announcement of a hiatus and a revised release window, Nightdive Studios has provided a new Kickstarter update for the upcoming System Shock Remake, revealing that the developers have gone back to their original vision for the game.

CEO Stephen Kick wrote that the past couple of weeks have been quite challenging for the studio as it attempted to unplug and refocus. Some of the developers have now been been let go, resulting in a “concentrated team” that consists of the original developers who worked on the Unity demo.

System Shock Remake will now use Unreal Engine for a more reliable performance and higher fidelity visuals. In response to fans asking if Nightdive will now have to start over, Kick wrote:

No, we’re not starting over. We have been able to re-use the majority of work we’ve done over the past year and we’re making significant progress in a very short amount of time. With that said we’ll be inviting our highest tier backers to privately test the game beginning in September at which point we estimate that the game will be fully playable, from start to finish. The majority of the art won’t be finished, but we’ll be ready to start high-level testing.

Nightdive says that various departments within the studio are now “re-re-re-examining” their priorities.

You can read the full update over on Kickstarter.

System Shock Remake is scheduled to release in Q1, 2020.