torn psvr

Take a Virtual Tour of the Mysterious Mansion in PS VR Game, Torn

Aspyr Media has offered players a unique 360° virtual tour of the mysterious mansion that’ll be featured in its recently announced PlayStation VR game, Torn. The dark science-fiction mystery is inspired by Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, and tells the story of renowned physicist Dr. Lawrence Talbot who is trapped in a mysterious realm.

You can tour the grounds, the observatory, the music room, and the parallel over on PlayStation Blog.

In case you missed the initial announcement, check out a trailer above and a description below.

In 1953, on the brink of a major scientific breakthrough, the renowned physicist Dr. Lawrence Talbot vanished. For 64 years, his mansion remained hidden, his laboratory and work all but forgotten…until now.

The Parallel is the mysterious realm that Dr. Talbot finds himself trapped in. It’s been Talbot’s home for 64 years — home to his consciousness, at any rate. The whereabouts of Dr. Talbot’s physical body are, at present, unknown. The Parallel exhibits strange, physics-defying properties. Here, thoughts are made manifest simply by thinking them. After spending so much time here, the Parallel reacts to Talbot’s emotional state. But what — and where — the Parallel is, remains a mystery.

Torn will launch sometime this Spring. We’ll update our readers when a release date is announced.