Pantropy Opened Their Kickstarter Page Again and Got 30% Funding From The First Hour

Update: Pantropy is now fully funded.

Original: Brainstone Games GmbH has just restarted their Kickstarter campaign for Pantropy, and they had 30% of their requested fund at their first hour. The game is a Sci-fi Mech/FPS hybrid that features strong PVE and PVP gameplay. Pantropy also comes with strong RPG elements, making it a game where people can enjoy their own type of gameplay, whatever their choice of game is. At the moment, the funding is close to it’s goal.

Latest developer updates below, via Sebastian Kaulitzki, Executive Producer at Brainstone Games GmbH:

We’ve implemented flying bases! You’re the commander and get to order your base around. You´ll have to point a location on the map, and the base will head towards this location. Julian, our developer, has written a neat little script that renders the map and allows you to zoom into it and pan around. This also saves us a lot of work since we no longer have to create maps manually in photoshop.

So how do you get to your flying base? You can land it, but it still might be a bit difficult. That’s why we’ve added jetpacks for the players! They´re pretty high tier, and your boost is limited and depends on the crafting quality. We didn’t stop at the player jetpacks and decided to implement jumpjet modules for the mechs!

More details about the Pantropy below:

About the Game

The game takes place on a post spacecraft, hostile alien world around the year 2100 AD. Cooperative gameplay allows players to explore, gather resources, create custom bases, build mighty mechs individually or with others simultaneously, research new equipment, develop new technologies with an in-depth crafting system (almost everything in Pantropy needs to be crafted). Missions assigned in the game are designed to dynamically react to the player and influence the world around them.

Pantropy features an “Anti-Offline-Raid System,” which protects your base from getting raided and destroyed sometime after you log offline. In addition, the “Friend or Foe Faction System,” gives players the ability to team up with friends while lending them the ability to identify menacing foes inside their own faction by banning them and even placing bounties on their head. The game is set-up to reward for good behavior by ranking up in reputation or decreasing depending on the player’s individual behavior.

Key Features:

  • PVE and PVP.
  • Farming automation.
  • Complex base building.
  • Personal modular mechs.
  • Enjoy an anti offline-raid system.
  • Multi-crew vehicles to get around terrain easier.
  • Global events for a unique experience every time.
  • Exotic alien world to explore in groups or alone.
  • Exciting first-person shooter and hardcore survival gameplay.
  • XP system and rewards, that allow players to specialize their skills.
  • In-depth crafting system: build custom bases, weapons, mechs, and more.
  • Factions that reward teamwork and lead to cross-faction competition for resources.
  • Zero pay-to-play or pay-to-win mechanics. Pantropy is a game of skill, collaboration, and resourcefulness.

One of the stretch goals for Pantropy is a PS4 release, so keep your fingers crossed!

Here are some screenshots of the game: