Sinners Will have To Wait for Redemption As The Release Date Gets Pushed Back

Publisher Another Indie and Dark Star Game Studios has just announced that the PS4 release for Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption will get pushed back. This is also true for all the other gaming platforms that the game will be in. The game is supposed to get a release on April 25, 2018.

Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption is under the “boss battle” genre. The game features a protagonist looking for atonement for his past crimes. More info on the game is available below:

To atone for his wicked crimes, Adam, a soldier with a dark past, must set out on a quest for redemption and face off against monstrous enemies based on the seven deadly sins. His vile deeds and history with these beasts will unfold as he draws closer to absolution.

Sacrifice a part of Adam before each duel and receive a permanent debuff, resulting in reduced health, strength or equipment for the entirety of the journey. Each battle will become tougher than the last as debuffs stack, but new gear can be obtained by successfully conquering trials.

If all hope is lost, revive a defeated enemy to regain a sacrificed attribute and revisit the battle later. Experiment to find the optimal path to redemption or take on all debuffs simultaneously from the start for a challenging and rewarding journey.

Game Features:

  • Engage in a dark and harrowing tale of sacrifice and redemption
  • Master various weapons and items in your struggle against sin
  • Battle a horde of carefully crafted bosses based on the sins of the protagonist
  • Master Sinner’s hard but fair combat and bring peace to Adam’s tortured soul
  • Experience Sinner’s unique “level-down” gameplay as you sacrifice your strength and stats to battle sins incarnate
  • Unlock multiple endings
  • Enjoy new game modes and re-playable features

Ian Garner, director of developer relations for Another Indie, stated that:

Sinner allows the player to choose a difficulty that fits them best while facing off in diverse battles. Whether they are in search of the easiest order of bosses to fight or if they want to start the game with the most difficult conditions, Sinner tailors the adventure to them.

Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption will be pushed back to Q3 of 2018.