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Bandai Namco Published the 2nd Major Promotion Trailer for Record of Grancrest War

Bandai Namco Entertainment has published the second major promotion trailer for Record of Grancrest War in their Japanese YouTube channel, which can also be watched above.

Unlike the official gameplay trailer published last week which mainly focused on the battle gameplay, this trailer also shows the army management aspects done in the Stronghold. You can use your funds to strengthen your troops, collect food and building materials, or improve the Stronghold facilities.

When forming your army, a unit can have a leader with up to five soldiers following him/her. You can also recruit more leaders; it is said that there are around 500 characters scattered around the continent. At some points you will be also able to access conversation events between these characters.

You can read more gameplay details on this Record of Grancrest War right below.

In this Grancrest game, you can bring up to eight units in your army, and you can give orders to each unit on which routes they should take. However, you can also directly control one of the units and have them attack in action-style, complete with a combo system as well.

The Record of Grancrest War game lets the player make their own plans to unify the Atlatan continent. Depending on the player’s actions, it will even have new original story branches that weren’t depicted in the anime show and novels.

Record of Grancrest War will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Japan on June 14. No overseas localizations have been announced yet for this game.

[Source: Bandai Namco]