Record of Grancrest War trailer 3

The Third Official Trailer for Record of Grancrest War Confirms Post-Launch Free Updates

Bandai Namco has published the third major promotional trailer for the Record of Grancrest War game in Japan. This is a strategy RPG based on the novel and anime of the same title created by Ryo Mizuno of Record of Lodoss War fame.

In this Grancrest game, the player will control up to eight units in their army in a battlefield. Each unit can be given orders to move along a specific route or attack a certain enemy. The player can even directly control any of the unit leaders in action-style by attacking with combos. You can read our previous coverage on Grancrest‘s second trailer to learn more about the game’s gameplay system.

In this trailer, Bandai Namco has also announced that Record of Grancrest War will receive post-release free updates that will add even more content to this strategy RPG game. Here are some examples of the features that will be added through post-launch updates.

Demonic Dungeons which will have varying walkthroughs and difficulties, and Abyss Dungeons where strong enemies are lying in wait, will appear in the World Map. Aim for even higher challenges with a well-trained army.

New Heroic Unit characters which have powerful skills and equipment useful in the walkthrough will be added. Try out a lot of combinations and expand your strategy breadth.

Furthermore, in the Rivalry of Warlords Mode, you will be able to unify the land with characters other than Theo. Enjoy the world of Record of Grancrest War which will expand even further after release!

Record of Grancrest War will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Japan on June 14. An English localization has not been announced yet for this game.

[Source: Bandai Namco]