Hokuto ga Gotoku Has New Original Difficulty, Unlocks Share Function For Whole Game

SEGA has released a new free DLC batch and update patch for Hokuto ga Gotoku which adds a new difficulty mode that scales the levels of Fist of the North Star boss characters to their appropriate strength levels in the manga, as well as unlocking the Share function.

Ever since Hokuto ga Gotoku had been released in Japan on March 8, SEGA had been releasing numerous free DLC batches that mostly give new character charms and more items. Today, they have clarified that this will be the last free batch.

This DLC pack adds more gems that can be used to unlock Kenshiro’s skills, an equipment item that makes it easier to execute Just Pressure Points, a Young Yuria charm which temporarily forces Pressure Point chances to enemies, and a new difficulty mode called Original Work which can only be accessed after beating the game; it will scale the levels of the following boss characters regardless of the game’s storyline:

  • Shin: Lv.50
  • Jagi: Lv.34
  • Uighur: Lv.49
  • Devil Rebirth: Lv.58
  • Rei: Lv.70
  • Souther/Thouzer: Lv.75
  • Toki: Lv.83
  • Raoh: Lv.99

SEGA has also released an update patch for Hokuto ga Gotoku today, which finally unlocks the Share function for the entire game. Previously, the function was only unlocked after clearing the game’s storyline. With this update, you can now directly take screenshots and record videos even during story progression as well.

On a related news, SEGA has also recently held a questionnaire to the Western audience, asking for interest in the localization of the Fist of the North Star game, which clearly refers to Hokuto ga Gotoku right here.

[Source: 4Gamer]