Watch the Destiny 2: Warmind Reveal Live Stream Right Here

If you want to know what’s coming next in Destiny 2, you’re in the right place. Bungie is set to begin the Destiny 2: Warmind reveal stream today at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern. Warmind is the second expansion for Destiny 2, and the final piece of the expansion pass. A major expansion is expected to release in September, but that will be separate from the Destiny 2 expansion pass that includes Curse of Osiris and Warmind.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for the live stream:

  • Explore Mars Hellas Basin with Evan Nikolich and Brent Gibson
  • Survive the Hive Escalation Protocol with Benjamin Wommack and Jacob Benton
  • Upgraded Exotics and Crucible Updates with Josh Hamrick, Jon Weisnewski, and Kevin Yanes

It’s expected that we’ll get a lot of additional information on top of these headlines, but the above is how the stream is expected to be organized.

Destiny 2 has been disappointing a lot of players, myself included, and a lackluster Curse of Osiris didn’t do a lot to fix things. Bungie recently held a community summit to have direct conversations with community leaders about the state of the game. Their reception to the summit has been overwhelmingly positive, though the task now falls to Bungie to implement that feedback into the future.

A lot of recent changes have gone a long way in improving Destiny 2, and they’ve laid out a roadmap through September that will guide the changes until that time. One of the biggest things Bungie has been doing is making more of the changes and updates free to all players, not just those who purchase the expansions. Crucible maps will now be put into rotation for everyone so that playlists are not divided. Even if you don’t intend on purchasing Warmind, you can still play in the Crucible on the new maps. Retroactively that will also include the Curse of Osiris maps, and all future Crucible additions.

Is Destiny 2 something you want to get into again, or maybe you’re gaining interest for the first time? Watch the Destiny 2 Warmind reveal live stream with us to see what’s coming.