Arcade Archives NEO GEO: Ghost Pilots is Coming to PlayStation 4

Hamster Corporation has announced in Japan that they are going to release Arcade Archives NEO GEO: Ghost PilotsArcade Archives is a series of faithful reproductions of classic arcade games for current-gen consoles, while the Arcade Archives NEO GEO sub-series is mostly for titles that were released using the NEO GEO MVS (Multi Video System).

As for the featured title Ghost Pilots, this is a shoot ’em up game that was released on an SNK NEO GEO MVS hardware in July 1991. It was noted to have similar gameplay to the famous 194X games released by Capcom, but this game was notorious to be hard even on the easiest difficulty level. Another factor that distinguished Ghost Pilots from other plane-based shmups was that the player pilots a seaplane instead of an airplane or a spaceship.

You can read the description of Ghost Pilots right below:

Ghost Pilots is a shooting game released by SNK in 1991. The protagonist pilots an old-type seaplane, and as they strengthen their own plane to use special weaponry, they protect their own country from invasions by two other powerful large countries. Supergiant military weapons and mysterious powerful battle units will appear as heated battles unfold.

Arcade Archives NEO GEO: Ghost Pilots is getting released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on April 26. It will be priced at 823 yen, or approximately $7.5.

[Source: GAME Watch]