Sudden Death Tag-Team Fighter Kizuna Encounter Comes to PlayStation 4 Tomorrow

Hamster, the company behind all (or most) of your favorite contemporary arcade ports, has revealed the release date for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One port of 1996 SNK fighter Kizuna Encounter. The latest entry in the ACA NEOGEO line will be dropping tomorrow, January 10, 2019 for a breezy price tag of $7.99.

Kizuna Encounter is the sequel to Savage Reign, and is similar in style to the fighting gameplay in Real Bout Fatal Fury. What sets it apart however is its sudden death tag-team action, which allows players to pick a team of two and swap between fighters with the press of a button. This allows skilled players to create opportunities for combo extensions, which is paired with relatively easy commands for “rush” combos. That said, there’s also risk involved as you lose the match if even one character loses all their health.

The tag system in Kizuna Encounter is a big change from Savage Reign, which was more of a Samurai Shodown-like weapons-based fighter. While Savage Reign is not yet part of the ACA NEOGEO series, you can still check it out in FU’UN Super Combo, which SNK itself released for the PS4 back in 2016. That’s an import PS2 Classic, so it doesn’t come with the same bells and whistles. It does come with both games though, so fighter completionists may be interested.

While individual ACA NEOGEO releases aren’t Digital Eclipse-style extravaganzas, they do include contemporary feature sets such as online play, difficulty settings, and arcade display settings that will make retro gaming fans feel catered to.