Humble Capcom X Sega Bundle Offers 16 Amazing Games at a Discount

Question: What’s better than a bunch of highly recommended classics?

Answer: A bunch of highly recommended classics sold at a major discount, of course.

Sega and Capcom have teamed up with Humble Bundle to offer many of their very best titles available for purchase on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.

The new Humble Bundle – which offers gems such as Alien Isolation and Resident Evil 4 – is now available for just under two weeks as of this writing.

This opportunity keeps these great games alive and give you the chance to try any you might have missed. Crazy Taxi, for example, might offer a new experience to a newer generation of gamers that never played it when it launched back in 1999.

Other titles had the misfortune of being slightly overlooked for one reason or another, such as the brilliantly fun Binary Domain. And while others have already enjoyed a remake or re-release in recent years, you might still wish to grab them simply due to their amazingly low cost.

Additionally, some newer games are offered at 50 percent off through the use of a coupon, such as the critically-acclaimed Resident Evil 7.

Here are some notable games now available through the Capcom X Sega Humble Bundle. While the first tier allows you to pay a minimum of $1, all other packages require you to beat the average price being paid at this time.

Pay what you want:

Crazy Taxi – PS3

Dustforce – PS Vita

Dead Rising – PS4

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz – PS Vita

Beat the average price & games with coupons:

Resident Evil – PS4

Mega Man Legacy Collection – PS4

Alien Isolation – PS4

Yakuza 0 – PS4 (50 percent off)

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition – PS4 (40 percent off)

The full games list is available at the official Humble Bundle website.

This is a fantastic opportunity to own these classics or gifting them to a friend or relative. Happy gaming!

[Via: Gematsu]