Second Bonus Spidey Suit for Marvel’s Spider-Man Revealed

The release of Marvel’s Spider-Man, while still far away, is fast approaching. Earlier this month, Insomniac Games announced that pre-ordering the game would net players with three Spidey Suits, with only one – the Spider-Punk suit – being revealed at the time. Now, the studio has taken to the PlayStation Blog to reveal that the second suit in the preorder bundle will be none other than the Iron Spider suit, one of the most iconic Spider-Man costumes the web-slinging hero has ever worn.

You can check out a trailer for the game, that includes the new suit, below:

For those who might be unaware, the Iron Spider suit will be used in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, and it looks like Insomniac Games has managed to recreate the suit for their upcoming game. According to them, they were given access to the actual CG assets from the upcoming film, allowing them to give players a faithfully recreated suit. For more on how the suits in the game will function and what roles they serve, check out below for a brief overview:

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, having a variety of suits for players to use was a must-have for us. We looked across all of the Spider-Man lore for inspiration, and in the final game you’ll find suits inspired by comics and film, as well as completely original suits created by Insomniac and other artists. Each of the suits looks absolutely spectacular and we can’t wait for you to see more of them.

Beyond that, most suits will also feature a special suit power that you can use in-game. These powers let you do amazing things. While we aren’t quite ready to show them just yet, I did want to mention a couple examples. The Spider-Punk suit lets you rock out with a guitar, doing an AoE attack that’ll knock enemies off their feet. And the Iron Spider has a suit power that… well, you’ll know it when you see it happen in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will launch on September 7, 2018, for PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]