CoolPaintrVR Lets You Use Your Controller as a Paint Brush, Check Out a Trailer

Wildbit Studios has announced that its virtual painting title, CoolPaintrVR, will release on May 9 for PlayStation VR.

The application allows players to use DualShock 4 or PS Move as a paint brush, which comes with a “robust feature toolset” and a simple interface, making it accessible for everyone. Users will find themselves painting in 3D space with multiple brushes at their disposal. The video above shows CoolPaintrVR in action and an official description below explains how it’ll work.

Use your PS Move controller like a brush, selecting from a variety of tools to express your creativity: brushes, tubes, geometric primitive shapes and particle emitters. Additionally – thanks to Wildbit Studios’ own RTSE technology – you can create a 3D model from a hand-drawn shape. It will have its own skeleton that you can manipulate, bone by bone, to help capture your desired stance.

CoolPaintrVR also offers advanced features for more experienced painters. You can even export your art via USB and continue working with third-party programs.

Wildbit Studios proudly announced that the application can sustain constant 120 frames-per-second “even under the most intense conditions.” The developer is currently working on a website that allows CoolPaintrVR‘s community to share its creations.

Any Bob Ross fans here?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]