TERA Updates Planned Throughout Month of May

Yesterday, En Masse Entertainment detailed some of the bigger changes coming to the world of TERA starting this month. Following its launch in April, En Masse has revealed that a big lineup of updates will keep the momentum of the game going strong. Throughout the month, the developers announced that players can expect new content and updates to appear on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on a weekly basis, starting on May 5.

On Saturday, TERA players will find that the game’s first Item Pass Delivery and a new five-player dungeon set for level 65 characters will be introduced into the game. The following week, players can then test their PvP skills with a new level-65 battleground called Crosairs’ Stronghold, with two teams of 20 players alternating between protecting a keep and attacking one.

For a full rundown of what’s in store for the game, check out below for the weekly rundown of content coming to TERA through the month of May:

May 1

We’re kicking off the month with the first Item Pass delivery, plus a new dungeon: Lilith’s Keep (Hard): a 5—player dungeon for level 65 characters. (Lilith’s Keep is designed for characters with item level 417 or higher.)

May 8

Queue up! It’s time for a 20 v 20 rumble! Corsairs’ Stronghold is a level 65 PvP battleground, featuring a best—of—three siege mode, which puts one team inside the titular fortress to defend while the other team attacks it—then switches the roles in the next round.

May 18–27

For these 10 days in May, each and every monster you kill—both in the open world, and in dungeons—awards you double the normal experience!

May 22

For the last week of May, we’re introducing Ruinous Manor (Hard)—which is part of the same storyline that led you to Lilith’s Keep. This is also a 5—player dungeon for level 65 characters; designed for characters with a minimum item level of 422.

TERA is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.