New Super Street: The Game Video Literally Teases Just the Release Date

Last year, an announcement for Super Street: The Game was made, sending a lot of racing fans into a massive wait mode on when the game will be released. The Game will be the first ever game for the world’s largest automotive media company, the Motor Trend Group, #1 network for automotive superfans and a leading automotive YouTube Channel.

Fast forward to today. Publisher Lion Castle and the Motor Trend Group had finally announced that Super Street: The Game will be available worldwide for top gaming platforms, PS4 included (obviously). They had just released a literal teaser video, with 2 seconds of game footage, the release date, and the brand in the end. Just that. Seven seconds of video goodness that will have waiting fans crave for more.

The Game will be the first official video game for Super Street, the world’s number one in automotive tuning culture. In this racing game, players won’t just buy their own cars, they get to build them. Here, players can experience building their own cars, using 500 parts from the biggest aftermarket brands. Players get to customize each car’s exterior, interior, or performance, and go from a scrap car to an awe-inspiring supercar.

The Game will give players the ability to race their creations in the asphalts of five unique districts. From actual racing to the risk of wrecking your cap and blowing it to kingdom come, every moment of the game feels thrilling and exciting. According to Executive Producer Anthony Kyne, “We go back to the core of the old-school arcade racing genre: delivering exciting and fast-paced automotive action for everyone.” Super Street: The Game will feature both online multiplayer, and the classic split screen action for couch multiplay.

Here’s what their official website says about the game:


Get ready to experience Super Street right from your home! Evolved from a magazine to a lifestyle brand, we bring you the next step: the first official Super Street game. This arcade race game will bring you everything that you love about Super Street: from cars and technology to the passion to become a legendary street racer!


One of the core features of the Super Street game is that you start from scrap! As you progress, you’ll be able to collect parts from tons of authentic brands and build your ultimate ride. In Super Street you don’t buy your ride, you build it. Stay tuned for more upcoming features!

Super Street: The Game will be available digitally and in stores for $49.99 on PlayStation 4. The game will be released on August 3, 2018.