To the Top is Coming to PlayStation VR Later this Month

According to the European PlayStation Store, Electric Hat Games’ To the Top is set to release on PlayStation VR on May 29.

This has not yet been confirmed by the game studio as of this writing, but it’s safe to assume it’s not merely a placeholder due to the date being just around the corner. Please note, however, that a North American release date has not been mentioned nor confirmed anywhere as of yet.

The VR title, originally released for other platforms in 2017, is being handled by none other than Panic Button, which masterfully ported Doom a few months back on the Nintendo Switch. That same studio is currently porting Wolfenstein II to the console, so we’re very optimistic they’ll do a fantastic job with To the Top.

Thankfully the game has quite a bit of meat to its story, as opposed to being just another first-person offering for hungry VR headset owners. To the Top is set in a future where players race through various environments with nothing but their hands and feet to leap across large gaps and reach their destination.

You’re essentially a superhero in the making, controlling “Super Bots” to help serve and protect the people. The training, however, is where the heart of the game really is. Here you’ll test your skills in over 35 challenging levels full of obstacles and unpredictable environments.

You’ll grab onto ledges and hop on just about anything available, which admittedly reminded us of 2008’s Mirror’s Edge. 

The game also offers online multiplayer action where you compete against others for the fastest times.

You might also want to consider Radial-G in the meantime, another great racing title available now.

Are you ready to run and hop your way to the top? Be sure to get your copy when the game (evidently) releases later this month on PSVR.

[Via: UploadVR]