“Fastest Game in VR,” Radial-G Launches Next Week

Radial-G developer Tammeka announced today that they’ll be bringing their fast-paced arcade racing game to PlayStation VR next week. It’ll become available on PlayStation VR and PS4 starting September 12 in Europe. No North American release date has been confirmed yet.

They’ve marketed the space racing game as the “fastest game in VR,” and the game features tubular tracks that are tailor-fitted for virtual reality action. That said, it still will play on a normal PlayStation 4, so PSVR isn’t a requirement.

Here’s how Tammeka describes their title:

Radial-G’s unique tubular tracks offer full 360-degree rotation, allowing players to spiral through the course in gut-wrenching twists, jumps and splits for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Players can compete online or offline in supersonic races across nine different courses, through mesmerizing neon environments.

Radial-G was designed from the ground up to eliminate motion sickness, combining an incredibly smooth VR experience with its signature eye-watering speed for a truly immersive thrill ride. Players without VR headsets can still climb into the cockpit as Radial-G is optimised for both PSVR and traditional PS4 play.

Radial-G is a lightning fast, immediately absorbing space racer on a medium popularised by first-person shooters and horror experiences,” said Tammeka Games founder Mark Cundle. “We set out to add something completely unique to the VR library. We’re thrilled to invite PlayStation gamers to join our anti-gravity adrenaline rush, and we know they’ll never have experienced VR speed like this before.”

Radial-G releases September 12 for PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4. It’s already available on PC.