Tennis World Tour Legends Edition Adds Two Legendary Players

Earlier today, Breakpoint Studio released a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming Tennis World Tour game, this time showing off two of the games biggest legends, André Agassi and John McEnroe, taking each other on. This recent gameplay reveal also comes with the announcement that a Legends Edition of the upcoming game is available for fans to preorder now.

The Legends Edition of Tennis World Tour, as you might have guessed, will allow players to play as either of the two legendary tennis players, as well as giving them the following bonuses:

  • André Agassi is playable, as well as his 1995 outfit
  • John McEnroe is playable, as well as his 1990 outfit
  • Roger Federer’s Wilson Pro Staff 97RF racket is available in Career mode
  • The Wilson Pro Staff 97 racket is available in Career mode
  • An exclusive trainer providing an experience bonus
  • The “legend” title in multiplayer mode
  • 5 aptitude cards
  • Roger Federer’s Nike “Spring 2018” outfit is available in Career mode

Players who preorder the game’s Standard Edition won’t miss out on some goodies either, though, as Standard preorders will also award players with André Agassi as a playable character alongside his 1995 outfit.

tennis world tour legends edition

For more on the upcoming Tennis World Tour, check out below for more on the Career Mode found within the game, and let us know in the comments below if you’re excited to jump onto the court when the game launches in May:

In Tennis World Tour’s Career mode, your main goal with your avatar is to become the best in the entire world. To do that, you’ll have to learn to manage both your schedule and your form. Take part in an exhibition match or a tournament, train or rest — your choices are crucial and will have an impact on your career. If you string multiple matches together, or travel relentlessly around the globe, fatigue will sneak up on you, your performance will be affected, and you risk injuring yourself.

The best strategy? Find the right balance; win tournaments, and win credits to hire staff, buy equipment, and pay the entry fees to ever more prestigious tournaments.

Tennis World Tour will release on May 22, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.