Hello Neighbor Will Sneak Its Way Onto PlayStation 4 This Summer

TinyBuild’s Hello Neighbor is leaving the relative safety of PC and mobile for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this July.

Haven’t heard of Hello Neighbor? It’s a stealth horror game that pits the player as a super nosy next-door-neighbor to a rather creepy fellow who has some secret hidden in his basement. As a nosy neighbor, surely you can’t simply leave that alone, right? You must find various ways to break into your neighbor’s house to find what he’s hiding in his basement. He’s a rather crafty AI as well, who will learn from your actions and react accordingly. For example if you break into one of his windows, he’ll board it up. Or maybe he’ll lay a bear trap. As the game goes on, the more complicated his barriers become.

Of course if he catches you, it’s Game Over.

As tinyBuild is wont to do, it’s a relatively simple game in that it has a simple idea, yet playing it is rather complex. It’s been rather popular on the PC/Xbox One and mobile market, and it’s sure to have a similar success with Sony and Nintendo.

Hello Neighbor will release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on July 27, 2018.