project nimbus infinity

New Project Nimbus Game Announced Ahead of Code Mirai’s Global Launch

KISS Publishing Ltd., GameTomo, and GameCrafterTeam have announced that development has commenced on the next Project Nimbus game titled Project Nimbus Infinity. This news comes just days before Code Mirai‘s global launch on Monday, May 14.

Based on Unreal Engine 4, Infinity is currently in pre-production and is set 21 years after the events of Project Nimbus. “The unification of entire Earth under one government created a great conflict between the Earth government and the Spacenoids,” reads a synopsis. “The Earth-born protagonist and the Spacenoid heroine are putting all their hearts and souls into making efforts to mend the rift and bring back peace.”

In a press release, the developers promised to improve upon the first game’s mecha action and revealed that Code Mirai‘s US and UK launches have been a success.

“We’re so excited to begin production on Project Nimbus Infinity, the success of Project Nimbus on PC and PlayStation 4 has completely blown us away, and means we have the opportunity to create something truly exceptional with our next title,” said Pawee Pakamekanon of GameCrafterTeam.

“We’re thrilled to continue working with GameCrafterTeam on Infinity and can’t wait to reveal more about the game,” added KISS CEO Darryl Still.

We’ll update our readers when we have more details.