Project Nimbus: Code Mirai Wants You to Protect the City

November 3, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Project Nimbus Code Mirai gameplay

Developer GameCrafterTeam are bringing their mech action game Project Nimbus to PlayStation 4 under the name Project Nimbus: Code Mirai. The PlayStation 4 version will be an enhanced port, with one of the major improvements being redone graphics. It’ll now run on Unreal Engine 4, and both acts of the action title will be included. Other tweaks to the game, including balance changes and a revamped user interface, have also been confirmed. It’s set to release this fall in Japan, and will see a worldwide release in early 2018.

The studio just put out a new gameplay video showing off Project Nimbus: Code Mirai entitled “Protect the City!”

Check out the new Project Nimbus: Code Mirai gameplay below:

Here’s how the developer describes the gameplay of Project Nimbus on its Steam Early Access page:

Project Nimbus is a high speed mech action game set in a post apocalyptic world. Players control ‘BattleFrames’ – humanoid battles suits armed with an arsenal of weapons.

This is a mech game that lets you fly freely in the sky, dodge and intercept incoming missiles with machine guns, fight armies of hostiles with every kind of modern weapon you can imagine, Battle against numerous powerful colossal opponents with the power to annihilate armies, engage with many ace BattleFrame pilots, each has unique fighting styles and stories.

Project Nimbus is set to leave Steam Early Access on September 26, and the PS4 version of Project Nimbus: Code Mirai is set to release in early 2018 worldwide (in Japan it’ll launch this fall).