Report: Ride 3 Releasing Later This Year According to Amazon UK Listing

Another day, another potential game leaked via a retail site. After last week’s Walmart leak that saw a ton of potential upcoming games revealed slightly early, it looks like the Amazon UK site might have suffered a similar issue with an upcoming game. Earlier today on the site, a preorder listing for Ride 3 popped up (via Kotaku UK). The listing has since been deleted, but while it was u, it listed a November 9, 2018 release date and even gave out a list of features and content.

Of course, Ride 3 has yet to be announced, so the listing – if true – is obviously the result of an error on Amazon UK’s end. For those who might not have played Ride and Ride 2, the game centered around players racing around tracks on motorcycles, and if this listing is to be believed, it seems like Ride 3 will follow that realistic sim formula. According to the listing, Ride 3 will feature over 230 bike models across 7 categories and feature a ton of modes for players to choose from.

While developers Milestone S.r.l. hasn’t commented on whether or not the listing is accurate or not, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the game get an announcement soon, especially with E3 right around the corner. For now, you can check out below for what Amazon UK did listed as the features and content for Ride 3:

  • Unique volume based career experience
  • Extensive motorcycle encyclopedia – 230+ bike models across 7 categories
  • Bikes from 30 manufacturers – 9 brand new
  • Endurance, Naked, Cafe Racer, Superbike, Sportbike, Supermoto and Maxi Enduro

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